JUB d.o.o. has organized the traditional presentation of the news in the production program and work, and the employees of BMD STIL gladly responded in order to complement the latest trends in the color world.

One of the main features presented is the new façade paintwork, aligned with a line of decorative plaster, which has enhanced the persistence of shades and enriched structure and designed a new look of packaging. The new color line on the market will be launched on March 1st and of course, available at all BMD STIL sales centers.

Customers are also presented with JUPOL Amikol – a color suitable for areas with heavily loaded surfaces requiring cleanliness and hygiene, the coating of which prevents the formation of bacteria and mildew. With current certifications which is owned colors (resistance of paint film on the mold, resistance to disinfectants), now boasts of new tests carried out and certified standard ISO22196 – resistant film to infection by bacteria. The color of JUPOL Amikol is recognizable by its silver packaging and its prominent features.

Additionally, the presentation was about the properties and benefits of popular and high quality JUBIZOL facade systems and JUMIX equipments for handheld and automatic color mixers.

JUB Group is an international company that now embraces twelve subsidiaries and operates in more than twenty foreign markets. The group employs 569 people, of whom 343 are in Slovenia and 226 in other members of the group. It has two manufacturing plants in Slovenia and Serbia. On other markets, it exports and sells 75% of its products under its own brand. [BMD STIL]