The start of a new, active construction season is in front of the door and in front of the door are also some great discounts and the best buying conditions at the BMD STIL sales centers. A series of action sales starts with a reduction in the price of Wienerberger Porobloka 9 – porous block of light weight, large dimensions and improved thermal properties.

Poroblok 9 is known in the world of bricks for its larger dimensions (25/29 / 23.8 | 29/25 / 23.8), allowing faster construction and lower mortar utilization. It predominantly serves for the construction of simple objects with limited properties such as auxiliary facilities, garages, masonry and other. It is made of natural materials and has many advantages. The porcelain brick clay is energetically efficient and is insulated in a clever way, it protects against cold and accumulates heat, is durable, safe and stable even on multiple floors. It is harmless to the environment and environmentally sustainable. 

Poroblock 9 is not only a good heat and cold insulator, but also an external noise isolator and has antiallergic properties. Given that it is baked at almost 1000 degrees Celsius, it is not flammable and provides fire protection. It is economically cost-effective, does not require maintenance and, as we have already written, is resistant to different impacts. But, as a major advantage, we must emphasize a larger dimension that allows for lesser consumption of mortar and less needed work.

DIMENSIONS: 290x250x238 mm
MASS: 11 kg
CONSUMPTION OPTION: 16 pcs / m2 for wall thickness 25 cm wall, or 13.8 pcs / m2 for wall 29 cm thick.

Poroblok 9 can now be found at all BMD STIL sales centers at a discounted price of only 4.25 kunas, which applies to all one-time cash, viral and credit card payments until the stock expires! [BMD STIL]