BMD STIL construction

Building materials and construction of objects

BMD STIL with the largest supply of building materials, perform services for construction of objects such as apartment buildings with business premises and non-residental buildings such as prefabricated reinforced concrete halls.

Our housing facilities are located in Zagreb (Jarun, Sloboština, Prečko, Dubrava), Zlatar and in Baška on the island of Krk. The buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with all European standards, and for their construction was used only natural materials. All the buildings are high energy class. Apartments in buildings are net useful area of 40-90 m2 and each has a corresponding garage.

Prefabricated halls consist of reinforced concrete elements – basic cup, columns, roof rails, elements for elements between floors and elements for the facade walls. The mounting elements are class visibility SB 2 by DBV / BDZ. Roof racks are performed as pre-stressed girders which provides ranges of over 20 meters, allowing the functionality of such facilities reaches maximum. The columns can be run with consoles for the reception carrier crane rails so that all objects can be designed as manufacturing, storage or shopping facilities.