In the world of modern construction Fragmat H represents the concept of quality and tradition. Modern construction requires moisture, water penetration, low and high temperature protection, and a wide range of Fragmat production programs provide fast solutions for thermal and waterproofing and surface heating.
As BMD STIL follows the latest market trends and also strives to provide customers with the best and solutions, a new action is currently underway, which is just about, the Fragmat facade styrofoam product with and without flip.

Facade panels of expanded polystyrene OKIPOR EPS F 039 are used for heat insulation in ETICS façade systems in accordance with ETAG 004.The panels are embedded with façade adhesives or additional mechanical fastening. When installing, it is necessary to follow the project and instructions for installation of the façade system, applicable legal regulations and the rules of the profession.

The following products which are included in the sale action are: flame-retardant and non-flamated polystyrene with standard EN HR EN 13163, fire reaction class E according to EN-13501-1, according to ETAG 2004, tensile strength TR150 and thermal conductivity λD = 0.039 W / (m • K). The thickness of the tiles with no flaps ranges from 1 to 50 centimeters, with a flap of 4 to 15 centimeters, while the board size is 100 x 50 cm. [BMD STIL]